We are so pleased to announce our sister business www.totallyexoticcoralsoforegon.com is now carrying supplies for our clients and for consumers in the Rogue Valley in addition to the corals it normally carries.  You will be able to purchase right on the site, pay for them with Pay Pal and we will call you or email you set up a time for you to swing by and pick up your completed order in Medford, OR with the local pickup tab.  There is no charge for local pick up.  We will still schedule times for people to come by and peruse our fish, fish food and supply stock but this will facilitate ease of finding supplies in the Rogue Valley.  We also can order in tanks, stands, specific fish, decorations or supplies we may not have on hand.  We have expanded the stock we normally have on hand for our maintenance clients and are ready to get going on this new adventure.

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