We are pleased with our new fish order, although they are selling before I can get pictures of them. I will post some new pictures on our Facebook page today. Jody has been busy fragging corals and ha posted a few new pictures of some eye candy on the FB page as well.

We are placing a new fish order this weekend. Let Jody know by Saturday 7/30/16 if you want him to order you anything special. 541-840-7368. We will be ordering fish, inverts, corals and anemones. They will be here the middle of next week. I will post new pictures on our Facebook page. Jody replaced a fish tank in the Fish Room over the weekend so we have more room to hold fish to sell. We added another wall of supplies and have a big order on it’s way in. Positive changes all around. Thanks everyone for your business and friendship.
-The Grow family

We have a Facebook page up for our other website www.totallyexoticcoralsoforegon.com check us out. We are posting pictures of new supplies and fish/inverts that come in. We have reviews from some of our maintenance clients there. It is a great place that we can connect with our clients for both of our businesses.

We are so pleased to announce our sister business www.totallyexoticcoralsoforegon.com is now carrying supplies for our clients and for consumers in the Rogue Valley in addition to the corals it normally carries.  You will be able to purchase right on the site, pay for them with Pay Pal and we will call you or email you set up a time for you to swing by and pick up your completed order in Medford, OR with the local pickup tab.  There is no charge for local pick up.  We will still schedule times for people to come by and peruse our fish, fish food and supply stock but this will facilitate ease of finding supplies in the Rogue Valley.  We also can order in tanks, stands, specific fish, decorations or supplies we may not have on hand.  We have expanded the stock we normally have on hand for our maintenance clients and are ready to get going on this new adventure.

Hi, my name is Jody Grow. I am the owner and operator of Tidalzone Maintenance LLC.  I have been in the hobby for 32 years.  I have been running my maintenance company for 15 years.  I specialize in saltwater reef systems including setup, tear down, consultations and custom designed systems.  I also maintain saltwater fish only and freshwater systems.  I am based in the Rogue Valley, Oregon.  I own and operate an aquaculture facility called www.totallyexoticcoralsoforegon.com where I culture 300+ types of corals.  Thank you for visiting my site I look forward to hearing from you, by using our contact us page

Have you seen Jody’s new polo shirts? Lois at Master Stitch in Medford made them and they turned out great!  Thanks to Mike at Paradux Media for recommending her to us.

Our Friends at Mountain Church in Medford Oregon gave us a great thank you card

Our Friends at Mountain Church in Medford Oregon gave us a great thank you card

Jody has had new T-shirts designed to wear to work.   Who’s ready to get salty?  Let Jody know if you want a t-shirt.  He has had a few extra printed for those that will wear them.  Thanks for your support everyone!

Has everyone seen the wrap on Jody’s rear truck window?  Let him know what you think.  We think that the team at paraduxmedia.com did a great job of designing it. Do you think I should add a similar wrap to my rear side windows?  Let Jody know.

We have been working on a t-shirt logo to help get the word out.  Ask Jody and he can show you what we have in the works.  Any preference for t-shirt vs. visor vs. ball cap.  Let Jody know.

We received a shipment of beautiful corals this week.  They are full of color and are a nice variety of sizes.  Call Jody for pricing and pictures.